A Winning Marketing Plan for Tax Planning

The Financial Advantages of Being truly a Problem Solver!

The irony of it all. Look, unemployment in their state of California is over 12%! And that doesn’t range from the those who have quit searching for work. Some estimates own it over 17%. This is the consequence of a situation legislature that’s been the enemy of small company for a lot of years.

The voters continue steadily to elect Democrats that are funded by the unions, and continue the tradition of imposing excessive regulations and exorbitant taxes, leaving the small business owner, wanting to feed his family, no recourse but to IRS audit letter leave their state and lay-off his employees. State tax revenues, down some 20-25%, can be directly related to businesses that have relocated to other business-friendly regions. State lawmakers could reverse this small company exodus, but they’re afraid of the repercussions, so it continues business-as-usual.

Given here is the hand we’ve been dealt, how should we proceed? Every individual gets the responsibility to their family to provide the necessities of life. For many, the full time for an alternative mindset, has come. Society dictates we go to school to have an education and get a job. Most of us will need to do things a little different. But before we DO something differently, we must THINK in ways we haven’t thought before and BE the individual we were, maybe afraid to be before.

FACT: Those who see themselves as problem solvers for others, have grown to be extremely successful. If you concentrate your efforts on helping others solve a pressing problem, they are significantly more than willing to pay for you for having the solution for their challenge. This is actually the underlying mindset behind all commerce. Customers buy products or services to resolve a problem they need done away with.

Find something or even a service that interest you (very important in becoming knowledgeable and staying focused) and I guarantee you, you will find people, right now, that have trouble your product solves. Get your “solution” out there, so people begin seeing you as a “problem solver “.

Most of us have to see ourselves as significantly more than an employee. And we must teach our children and grandchildren. There is NO SECURITY in a job! Success arises from going for a risk and exercising your self-reliance. For many, this can be a awaken call to let them know, YOU CAN ACHIEVE a whole lot more than you think you can. Change your belief system and become a problem solver! I wish you well!

Rudy Venice focuses on supplying problem solving information for baby boomers and the significance of financial wellness. For more information on income generation, and home based marketing concepts.

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