Slow Internet Connection

recently i discovered our internet velocity slowing down considerably, from an ordinary speed of 1.four Mpbs to days and weeks in which I couldn’t get extra than two hundred Kbps irrespective of what I attempted. After a summer of frustration with downloads taking all the time, and movies buffering every 30 seconds so that a 7 minute video took 27 mins to look at, I known as Technical assist for our net provider again. For about the tenth time. This time, I got a splendid Tech representative, and the end result turned into that with a few simple changes, i used to be capable of increase my net velocity lower back to in which it changed into alleged to be.

We had a trendy non-wireless modem, so we bought a wi-fi router and connected it. Then we had our four computer systems all installed. two of them had been related simply through wireless, and then every other two had their wi-fi connections energetic and have been each hardwired to the modem with ethernet cables.You can get charter internet speed test app free from us.

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Do you spot the hassle i used to be creating? I failed to, either. however my internet pace changed into horrible. And as soon as I understood how this all worked, it commenced to make experience, and my slow internet connection progressed dramatically.

it appears that evidently each time you add gadgets (modem, computer, and so on.) on your internet connection, you divide your to be had net bandwidth among them all, whether or not they’re actively downloading something or now not. I notion it turned into adequate to have all my computer systems just sitting there linked to the internet. I bet that is no longer genuine…

when you have a wireless router and you are linked to the wireless sign on the same time you are plugged in with a cable, you are able to use simplest 1/2 of the available internet bandwidth.
when you have 2 exceptional computer systems in your own home or office on the equal wireless modem, they’re each allotted 1/2 of the wireless net signal, resulting in a very sluggish wireless net connection.
in case you individually have 2 computers to your desk (1 difficult stressed; the opposite wireless) even as a person else in your house is on wireless, you’re every getting 1/three or much less of the signal.
The easy strategy to Our problem of A sluggish internet Connection

We unplugged the wi-fi router totally, and we best use it if we are wandering round, like when we need to take a pc out to the deck with the aid of the river. Then we decided on of our four computer systems to attach through ethernet cable immediately to the DSL modem. For our other 2 computer systems, when we want to go online with them, we simply switch out the ethernet cable. I guess we without a doubt do not need to be actively online with 4 computers at once! and that’s all we did – easy, huh?

I did every other speed test after making those changes, and that i now have down load speeds of 1.2 to one.four Mbps, which is right in which it need to be, given our ‘up to one.5 Mbps’ connection. We went from 2 hundred Kbps to one.four Mbps with those easy changes.

ought to it’s that you are growing your personal sluggish internet speeds along with your laptop arrangement? if so, it is easy to growth your net speed by using making those few simple changes. it is worth a strive at the least! And if you’d like greater right now implementable answers on your online enterprise, visit and get unfastened videos, audios, pointers and secrets and techniques when you sign on for your free Bronze club.