Batam Tour: Discovering Indonesia’s Hidden Charm


Among the fastest growing tourist attractions in Indonesia, Batam is one of the islands that comprise the country’s Riau Islands. The island is mainly famous among travelers for the appeal of its seafood cuisine that posseses an irresistibly cheap tag price. In addition, a number of outdoor activities can be found for those seeking adventure in a quiet island from the metropolitan buzz of the city life. Here, several resorts and sports club offer packages that’ll make any Batam tour an experience to remember.

The following are some items to remember when planning for a trip to Batam:

Getting There
Daily trips can be found from the 45-minute ferry service originating from Singapore’s Tanah Merah port to any of the six Batam ferry terminal. In addition, there’s also a transportation service available from Johor Bahru in Malaysia. Travelers who wish to go to the islands resorts usually take the trip either for the Waterfront City or Nongsa terminals. There’s also an international airport on the eastern portion of the island, serving mainly domestic flights from Bandung, Jakarta, Jambi, Medan, Palembang, Pekanbaru, and Surabaya.

Batam prides itself as a diner’s’hot spot that delights visitors with freshly caught seafood offered at incredibly cheap prices. In addition, varied dining choices are also available apart from seafood, including fast food, fine dining, and local specialties, and even vegetarian options. Chinese, Japanese, along with Korean food will also be available. Starred hotels, on another hand, serve as venues for upscale restaurants.

For that extra dining adventure, try it out in a “kelong”, a cafe built over the sea in stilts. These unique restaurants is found at Nongsa. On another hand, night markets at Nagoya, along with the Pujasera Nagoya food center, serves being an excellent area for checking out traditional Indonesian food. Harbour Bay also has a unique dining atmosphere where visitors can the views of the sea front while eating their favorite food in open air.

Essential see for almost any tourist visiting Batam Island may be the Barelang Fisabillah Bridges, an structure that is considered while the icon and pride of Batam. It is composed of six spectacular bridges, each featuring its individual engineering styles. The first of those bridges was particularly designed and built exclusively by Indonesian engineers.

Another attraction worth a traveler’s time may be the Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya. This temple is just a major attraction in Batam, being among Southeast Asia’s largest Buddhist temples. This religious area attracts thousands of both visitors and Buddhist devotees each day.

Art vultures, on another hand, may find the Padepokan Seni art center in Sekupang a genuine art paradise, being home to a number of arts and crafts from the whole of Indonesia, along with a location of daily performances specifically held for visitors and tourists. There’s also an art village, called Desa Seni, that maintains and conserves Indonesian culture in Batam, offering different courses through a cultural institute.

Duty free shopping will also be offered at Nagoya, Waterfront City, and Batam Centre.

Cinema bars, dance clubs, hotels, karaoke, music lounges, shopping plazas, and spas, and a bunch of other nightlife facilities can be found mainly in Nagoya, the major city center of Batam.

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